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Pay Monthly and Business Customers

Not to worry, if you need to get back up and running quick smart, simply add a NZ Data Pack and we'll add it to your monthly bill. This also applies if you are a business customer roaming in Aussie or a $7 Daily Business Roaming country.

Just text 'Buy' and the pack size to 233, i.e. 'buy 500MB' to 233. You can choose between a $10 500MB NZ Data Pack, $20 1GB NZ Data Pack or $50 15GB NZ Data Pack.

If you are a Business or Government customer and having trouble, give your account administrator a call. If that’s you then call us on 249 or +64 22 200 2000 from overseas (charged at roaming rates) and we’ll help you out.

If you are a Pay Monthly customer and need more help call 200 or +64 22 200 2000 from overseas (charged at roaming rates).

Pay Monthly Customers on Pool Plan

If you're a Member on a Pool Plan, your Pool Plan Leader can add a Data Pack to your account to get your crew back up and running.

Or, download 'Data Clock' on WiFi from the Google Play store or the App Store and you'll be able to buy yourself some time. Simply tap the amount of time you're after and the cost will be added to your Pool Plan's monthly bill. Easy.

Prepay Customers

It looks like you're out of credit. Not to worry, simply top up your Prepay account here so you can buy a new Data Pack. If you're not in a WiFi Zone, you can either call 201, or top up the old school way at your local dairy, petrol station or super market.

If you only need a few minutes to send an email or look up directions, we'd recommend you head to Data Clock and buy yourself a time based data pack. You can download 'Data Clock' from the Google Play store or the App Store and buy data in minutes instead of megabytes.

New customers

If you're using 2degrees Mobile Data for the first time today, we're busy activating your account in the background. Please wait a few seconds and then disconnect and reconnect; after that you should be away.